Creating a buzz for charities

As a charitable organisation you cannot have failed to experience the effect the economic downturn has had on your charity and its activities.

All charities have noticed a definite decrease in donors and support. The important question is what you can do now to ensure you are financially strong enough to continue making a difference for the years to come?

How we can help you raise funds

Help us to start giving to your charity now

We are now asking a number of charities to apply for Designated Charity Status. This means that if your application is successful you will become one of a number of charities who are guaranteed to receive donations from us through our pledge to donate. Free the Bees have many different ventures one of which is donating £50,000 in 10 different regions directly to partner charities.

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How you can help us raise funds

Relationships with our UK charities

We have many different kinds of relationships with various charities throughout the UK. Licensing agreements, joint promotional agreements and sponsorship agreements are to name but a few.

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Commercial participation

The work we do stretches across a wide variety of charities large and small, well established and start up.

We feel it is our duty to highlight the below points, even though some of our charities have hundreds of commercial participation agreements already in place some of the charities we help are doing this for the very first time.

Before entering into any agreement with Free the Bees we would ask you to consider the following points

  • Have you created an internal policy for dealing with proposals relating to joint ventures with commercial companies?
  • What are the legal requirements?
  • Are there any tax issues?

Free The Bees follow the strict guidance of the Charities Commission and provide all our Designated Partner Charities with

  • A written agreement, in a prescribed form, between the charity and the professional fund-raiser or commercial participator
  • A statement to inform potential donors what proportion of their donation will be used to pay the costs of the fund-raiser (usually nil).
  • The public to be informed how the charity will benefit from its involvement with a commercial participator.

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How to become a designated charity

If you feel you are able to become one of our designated charities please complete our Designated Partner Charity Application

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