Turning honey into money

At Free the Bees our aim is to raise money for charities through many different ventures and projects. Anything from fundraising events to online auctions, marketing campaigns to parachute jumps! No restrictions just a team of people willing to go the extra mile for charity.You can read about some of our current projects below.

The Regions Finest

The Regions Finest

The Regions Finest is an online business directory focused around regional business development for the professional services sector.

Not only via collaborative working but, also by promoting our combined skill set to the rest of the region and its industries.

1512 businesses in the West Midlands will be given the opportunity to join The Regions Finest starting at only £1 a day. The West Midlands will lead the way, being the first region to go live with this innovative business directory.

Visit The Regions Finest website

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Free the Bids

Online entertainment shopping channel

Not the eBay-bidding model which most people think of, but the buying of bids upfront. These bids are then used to enable the participant to bid for brand new boxed items online, and purchase them at a fraction of the cost you would purchase them for in the high street, (up to 80% cheaper!!). With the thrill and entertainment of bidding against others to win fantastic brand new bargains on HD TV'S, COMPUTERS & LAPTOPS, Wii's, PS3's white goods, holidays and even CARS.

Visit Free The Bids website

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