One clear objective

Free the Bees has been set up with one clear objective, to raise funds and awareness for charities. We are unlike any other business you have dealt with before. Free The Bees breaks the mould in charity support and fundraising.

What We Do

Through our various different ventures and alignment with many UK charities we are able to donate a percentage of retained profits straight to charity. One of our current ventures, The Regions Finest, aims to donate a massive £50,000 to a number of different charities - no strings and no silly small print we just donate to our partner charities!

Free the Bees collaborate with many volunteers up and down the country who selflessly spend months preparing, promoting and delivering many different activities and projects.

By offering complete transparency in our objectives and ensuring clear participation agreements are in place we are able to offer a partnership that's beneficial to all involved without compromising on best practice or legalities. By many small actions from many big-hearted people we can deliver a real buzz for the individuals and for the recipient charities.

Profiles to follow

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Corporate and Social Responsibility

Our aim is to have a greater understanding of the environmental impact of our business and its activities. We will endeavour to

  • Pursue economic, social and environmental goals.
  • Work within and for the local community.
  • Ensure ethical, legal and philanthropic behaviour within the work place.
  • Employee skill sharing and volunteering.
  • Efforts are made to increase diversity.
  • Constant measurement of our CSR and how we work within the set parameters.

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Company profiles

Charlie - Director

Charlie - Director

Working together with my mother over the past 6 years on our local Rugby Charity Funday stemmed the development of the principles and values that Freethebees carries today. I saw the amount of hard work that my mother was putting in and, although we raised £23,000 during this time, I always thought there must be other opportunities to raise finance and awareness for charitable fundraising in a way that was not just the ordinary.

I attended the Cathedral School in Norwich and, whilst the education I received was excellent, I fell in love with magic and spent more time practising magic than doing my homework! My first stage performance for charity was at the age of ten and I have continued to use my skill to fundraise for many charities. Recently Smith & Pinching invited me to their annual fundraiser, the 'Black Magic' Ball and we raised £13,000.

I was brought up in a house in the country, surrounded by fields and animals and this spurred me at the age of fifteen to do my work experience as a trainee game ranger in Africa. Seeing the poverty, I knew then that my life must be dedicated to helping people in need and that I would create a business one day that would help all charities.

My last years at school were spent at Wymondham College, a cosmopolitan state boarding shool, many of the students coming from countries as far as China which helped to give me an international perspective. After a gap year travelling to New Zealand, Australia and South Africa I went on to study Culture, Media and Society and gained a 2.1 at the University of Birmingham. However, the time I spent studying for my degree was similar to my days at the Cathedral School! I spent hours on end researching and developing my greatest passion - my idea to create a business concept for charity - developing Freethebees, a vision which is now a reality.

Finally, I have been lucky enough to find an amazing team of people with the same ambition and ideals as myself and we are all enjoy doing something that we love!

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David - Director

David - Director

Since my late teens I have often thought how I can help others succeed, help them reach their true potential and promote self-help.

In my early twenties my creative aspirations were fulfilled not only by the career I had chosen in the creative design and communications sector, but also as a budding musician. I had the good fortune to be a member in a successful regional band. We recorded and released a single (yes a real vinyl 45 rpm) under our independent label and had great fun and moderate success.

As a member of a large family on my mothers side and during my years in business and as a musician I have met some great people, enjoyed the company of good friends and acquaintances Unfortunately as with many of us I have had a number of family members, friends and their families suffer the consequences of serious illness.

Throughout those years I have participated in various charitable events, giving my time and resources available to me through business and as musician to raise funds and awareness. From entertainment for underprivileged children, sponsoring various activities for hospices and charities, supporting friends and families, musical productions, celebrations of lives for those who have passed away and numerous donations.

At 25 after progressing to manager level I decided to get the best out of me. With three fellow partners we started a repro, printing and new media business. We went on to develop that business and some 13 years (not many partnerships last that long) later floated on the London Stock Exchange (Alternative Investment Market) The business that we had started changed inline with corporate and share holders demands and I became the groups new media managing director.

After fulfilling my 2 Year contract within the group I left to concentrate again on the things I liked best, building a team of experts to assist those in need of professional marketing and creative communications to deliver real business benefit.

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Amanda - Marketing Manager

Amanda - Marketing Manager

From as early as I can remember I was surrounded by family who had an over riding urge to help people less fortunate than themselves. Being bought up in Hampshire in a meandering Victorian town house there was a constant stream of waif's and strays, lodgers who had just left the forces and were finding it difficult to adjust to civil life, young offenders who needed a place to rethink their lives, people who had lost everything through addictions or just ordinary people like us who were struggling with what life had thrown at them and just needed a roof over their heads - it was a different story every day. Not to mention the zoo we acquired over the years, cats, dogs, tortoises, rabbits, horses, pigeons and hedge hogs to name but a few.

Our house was simply open house to everyone and anything that needed our help. Of course this was my parents doing but as an innocent wide-eyed child it became the norm to me, communicating with people from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life, from all sorts of professions was second nature.

After a fun but relatively short career with horses it was time to focus on a proper career (according to my father). Lucky enough to be sponsored by a high street recruitment chain I made the leap and changed the saddle for the desk!

I was now in the cutthroat world of sales, based in central London, the environment was fierce and diverse and nothing stayed the same for very long. One of my clients was a creative marketing company and that was it I was hooked on the whole concept - marketing!

Starting as an account manager I worked my way up the ranks in various marketing agencies based around the country. As I progressed my remit and clients got more intricate and much bigger as my experience grew. My last role as head of marketing for an international financial organisation has given me a total of 15 years in sales and marketing roles. I made the decision that it was time to put my skill set to a better use. Going back to what I was bought up on - helping other people.

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